We are Turbo Street Funk, a six-piece horn band from Toronto, ON! We began as professional buskers on the streets of Toronto, busking our way through university.

In 2014, we released our debut album, “To The Street,” which was produced by "Shuffle Demon" George Koller. The album features seven original tracks and three highly demanded covers from our expansive repertoire. Our music has been featured on CHUM FM, JazzFM.91, as well as CBC radio programs and community stations across Ontario. 

"These guys are exuberant, highly entertaining and loads of fun.
You don’t want to miss them."
 - Mariposa Folk Festival

"One of the best bands that I have seen in my life." - Rob Rapiti,
Entertainment Booker, Hamilton Bulldogs


Music Video!  

It's here! Turbo Street Funk's first music video. Thank you to everyone who helped us make this happen. I hope everyone is proud.

Posted by Turbo Street Funk on Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Casey's Adventure Day! 

Today I had a day off to reconnect with the city that Turbo Street Funk was born in. I went downtown to reflect on the great people who have supported our band, our fans and my Brothers at Horn who i share the stage with.

First, a quick shout out to Turbo fans Judy and William who saw me and said hi.

I started in Chinatown and hoped to share some of the great things I discovered. 

One of my favorite things about this neighbourhood is the overwhelming amount of signs and information sticking out into the streetscape; lots of businesses competing for your attention makes for a very dynamic space. I can't imagine how it would overload my brain if I could understand that alphabet.

Started with a snack from the tea stand in the Dragon City Mall: spicy fish balls.

Every neighbourhood in Toronto has a pocket of great graffiti, and  Chinatown is no exception.

From bricklayers to watchmakers, I have always enjoyed watching people work with their hands. I was enamoured watching the chef in this restaurant's window making fresh noodles. I waited until he put them in the Wok to cook and walked away before I snapped a shot of his work space.

Nun-chucks for $4 was very tempting... They go well with the sunhat they're resting on.

The streets are line with small shopping malls that are hard to notice, but wander into one and you might find that the shops are mostly empty or a bustling microcosm
of business, just a dynamic as the street outside. I went upstairs in a quite mall with the promise of all-day Dim Sum. Here is a shot of the street below from the stairwell.

I ordered Siu Mai, Har Gau and BBQ Pork Buns. It was a nice formal setting.

It was here that Turbo fans Judy and William recognised me. Thanks for saying hi guys!

There is a line from a Loudon Wainright III song, 'Road Ode' that goes like this:

A cat eats a fish
A dog eats a bone
Out on the road
A man eats alone

I've been so lucky to travel the road with a band of great musicians and great people. I haven't had to eat on the road alone, but now that we're back in Toronto for a while, I thought it would be nice to have a nice meal alone an reflect on the tour so far.

Everyone I spoke to today was very pleasant and friendly. I'd like to thank you all for reminding me why we're called 'Toronto the Good'.

Thanks for sharing my day with me. I hope to do it again soon. I'll leave with a picture of a statue you might recognise from the 'Spadina Bus' music video.


Music Video/Single Release Party with The Shuffle Demons! 

Two generations of Toronto horn bands come together August 13th to celebrate the release of Turbo Street Funk's debut music video, as well as a much anticipated new Turbo Street Funk single. Join Turbo Street Funk and The Shuffle Demons Thursday, August 13th at Toronto's Lula Lounge for a screening of the music video and three great sets from two great Toronto horn bands! 

Ticket Giveaway! 
To celebrate, we want to send you and a friend to the show! All we need from you is some digital interaction: the more you ways you interact with us online, the more chances you have of winning (ex. follow us on Twitter, comment on our blog, etc). 

The contest opens Thursday night at midnight and will be hosted by Rafflecopter at https://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/9a638b301/​

On your mark...get set...

Beaches Jazz Festival!  

Day one of the Beaches International Jazz Festival done! Join us again tonight from 7-11pm at Queen St E and Wineva Ave as we keep the streets alive with music!

Turbo Street Funk Welcomes Chelsea McBride!  

Turbo Street Funk is proud to announce a new member of the team...Chelsea McBride on baritone saxophone! 

Chelsea McBride is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, composer and bandleader based out of Toronto, Ontario. Awarded the Toronto Arts Foundation’s inaugural Emerging Jazz Artist Award in 2014, Chelsea leads two of her own projects, Chelsea and the Cityscape and the Socialist Night School, both of which feature her original compositions and talents as a saxophonist. She can also be seen around town performing with video-game cover band The Koopa Troop, and the Brad Cheeseman Group, a contemporary jazz quintet, among others.

Chelsea’s unique blend of pop, jazz, and moody atmospheres has coalesced into a sound that is entirely her own. Welcome to the team, Chelsea!

We Played Mariposa!  

What a weekend! Five sets in three days at the 2015 Mariposa Folk Festival. We were honoured to be included in such an astounding line-up of musicians, including our friends The Jerry Cans, Rick Fines, Charlie A'Court, Ash & Bloom, Kunle, The Barrel Boys, The Griddle Pickers, The Ever Lovin' Jug Band, and many more.

Thank you to the great Mariposa team, including all the staff and volunteers, who worked tirelessly to make this the best Mariposa festival yet! Thank you to everyone who bought a CD and came out to enjoy the music. 

We had the honour of closing the Mariposa Pub Stage on Saturday night. Here's a clip of our cover of "Uptown Funk." 

Mariposa Countdown...Five Days to Go! 

The countdown begins! Turbo Street Funk make our Mariposa Folk Festival debut this weekend with FIVE shows over THREE days. We're looking forward to some amazing sets from our friends The Griddle Pickers, Kunle, The Barrel Boys, and many more amazing musicians! See you soon, Orillia!

Turbo Street Funk Mariposa Schedule: 
July 3 - Downtown Stage - 3:00pm-3:45pm
July 4 - Downtown Stage - 1:00pm-1:45pm
July 4 - "Turbo Street Fun!" on the Pub Stage - 11:15pm-midnight
July 5 - "Out of This World Sounds" on the Bohemian Embassy Stage - 11:00am-11:45am
July 5 - "Gordon Lightfoot Songs" Workshop on the Ruth Stage - 3:00pm-4:15pm

Click here for the complete schedule.



Levitation... this is what happens when the FUNK gets you...

Posted by Turbo Street Funk on Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Turbo Raises Over $2,000 Through IndieGogo 

Thank you to everyone who donated to our new single/music video fundraising campaign! We raised over $2,000 to record our new single and help us film a brand new music video. We will be heading into the studio shortly to record our new single (funded by you) and will be hitting the streets of Toronto this summer to record our very first music video!

BE IN OUR MUSIC VIDEO!Our IndieGogo campaign to raise money for our music video ends Friday at Midnight.Every donation...

Posted by Turbo Street Funk on Wednesday, May 13, 2015

We Played Koerner Hall! 

Last night, we performed live at Koerner Hall in Toronto. We started as buskers, working the sidewalks of Toronto four days a week to pay our tuition, and now, we're here, playing on stage at Koerner Hall and finalizing the details for a summer tour packed with festival and event dates across Ontario.

Thank you to everyone who helped us get here. We couldn't have done it without you. 

Hearing ourselves on CBC Radio for the first time!  

Finally got to hear ourselves on the radio! They mentioned our Rivoli show tonight on CBC Big City Small World.

Posted by Turbo Street Funk on Saturday, April 4, 2015

Be In Our Music Video!  

Turbo Street Funk has launched our first IndieGoGo campaign to help fund our upcoming music video! We will be filming a video for the title track of the album, "To The Street," a song very much about Toronto, and the people who inhabit it. Watch the video below to learn more. | More Details |


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